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Registering for:
This school year (2020-2021)?
See link and instructions below.

Next school year (2021-2022)?
Please wait until bus registration
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Mansfield Public Schools:
Deb Fullerton at 508-261-7503 or email Transportation@mansfieldschools.com

St Mary's School:
Cathy Hellard at 508-339-4800  

Connolly Bus:



 If you are new to Mansfield within the last 2 years, you will recognize this system as the one used for online student registration.)




Transportation - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a refund for days missed last year due to COVID-19? 
A discount of $50 will be applied to each student for the 2020-2021 school year to adjust for missed days in the spring of 2020. This discount has been included in the fee schedule for 2020-2021 that is listed below and will appear automatically when you register online.

Why are you requesting bus payments before there is a final back to school plan?  

We understand that there are a lot of unanswered questions.  However, we do want to have an idea of who wants to ride the bus for planning purposes.  We will provide updates as soon as we have them.  You can wait for additional information or you may register and utilize the refund offer noted in the next question. 

What if I decide not to send my child on the bus due to COVID-19 concerns?

Families who have registered their students & paid the required bus fee will have the opportunity to opt out. The district bus coordinator in the Business Office must be notified in writing (via email) by 10/30/2020 in order for a full refund to be processed.   After 10/30/20 there will be no full or partial refunds.

What if school days are missed again this year? Will there be a refund?
The district will grant a credit of $50.00 per student toward school year 2021-2022 bus transportation fees if for any reason bus transportation is not provided for 60 or more scheduled school days during school year 2020-2021.
Who needs to register for bus transportation?

If your student is in grade K - 6 and lives over 2 miles from the schools, they will be automatically added to a bus and you do not need to register

If your student is in grade K - 6 and lives less than 2 miles from the school, you need to complete a Pay-N-Ride Transportation application to be assigned to a bus.

If your student is in grade 7 - 12, regardless of distance, you need to complete a Pay-N-Ride Transportation application to be assigned to a bus

How do I register for bus transportation?

You can register online by clicking HERE.

How much does it cost to ride the bus?

The fee schedules are listed below, and are inclusive of the $50.00 discount for 2020-2021, however, if you register your student for the upcoming school year before August 1, 2020, you qualify for a $20 discount per rider.  

Early Registration Fee Schedule (Register by 8/1/20)

First Student $155.00

Second Student $130.00

Third Student $ 80.00

Maximum Per Family $365.00

Regular Registration Fee Schedule (Register After 8/1/20)

First Student $175.00

Second Student $150.00

Third Student $100.00

Maximum Per Family $425.00

Can I pay my transportation fees online?

Yes, as part of the online registration process, if you choose to pay online through Unipay yu will automatically be re-directed to their site to complete your payment transaction. (Please note that there is NO FEE if you pay online with your checking account. If you choose to pay online with a credit card, there is a $5 - $20 fee charged by UniPay)

I don’t want to pay online, can I pay by check?

Yes, you can pay for your transportation fees by check or money order payable to Mansfield Public Schools, 2 Park Row, Mansfield, MA 02048 Attn: Transportation

If payment is left in the Town Hall drop box, please mark the envelope Attn: School Department - Transportation.

We do not accept cash.

When will bus routes be available?

Bus routes are typically posted on our website the week before school starts.

What is the deadline for registering for the bus?

 For the 20-21 school year there will be a deadline of October 1, 2020 to signup for the bus. Every student will be assigned a specific seat on the bus. Once bus rosters and seat assignments are finalized, we will be able to determine capacity and will open registration back up. This could take several weeks so please have alternate transportation available if you do not sign up by October 1st.

We are moving to a new address, how do I notify you of this change so my child can still ride the bus   

Please complete the CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM  which can be found on the website. We will make the change on our Mansfield Public School's Student Database. There may be a 48 hour delay so please provide as much notice as possible. Please note that entering the new address on the online bus registration alone does not update our student database.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding bus transportation?

You can email transportation@mansfieldschools.com or can call 508-261-7503 with any questions you have.

Is there a one way ride offered? Students may elect to ride the bus only to or from school, however, they will still have to complete the bus application and pay the regular fees.

If I register for Pay-N-Ride, is my child automatically able to ride the late bus (QMS/MHS?)

MHS/QMS students are eligible to take the Late Bus at no additional charge if they are participating in the Pay-N-Ride program and have paid for the bus.  If you do not participate in the Pay-N-Ride program but would like to take the late bus ONLY, please complete the MHS/QMS Late Bus Application found on our website at www.mansfieldschools.com/transportation

Where do I get the bus pass?

Bus passes are issued from the main office at the school your child attends.

Does the bus pass allow my child to ride ANY bus?

No, students are assigned to specific buses based on their address and seat availability.  Students should not get on any bus they are not assigned to.

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