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5/12/20: "Governor Baker issued an executive order on March 18, 2020, extending Massachusetts-issued licenses for certain professionals, including licensed educators. The order provides that a license that is "in good standing" as of March 18, 2020, and that has expired or will expire during the state of emergency, is now extended and will remain valid until 90 days after the end of the state of emergency."

Below you will find a link to a Q&A document prepared by DESE.

COVID and Licensure Q & A

The resources below are provided to assist you in maintaining and renewing your Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education License. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Educator Licensure or Stacey Gottfried at x10232.

All MPS educators are responsible for maintaining their license. Employment is contingent upon:
    1) receipt of a valid license for the position for which you have been appointed, and
    2) maintaining a valid license, in accordance with State Law.

You can apply for your license through your ELAR account. It is very important for you to be familiar with your ELAR account which houses your demographic data, education, license information and status, as well as other important documents that have been scanned into your file such as correspondence from DESE, MTEL test scores, etc. 
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Educator Licensing Overview

Educator License Types and Guidelines

Educator Licensure Informational Videos (a series of informational videos designed to help current and aspiring Massachusetts educators navigate the licensure process. The series currently consists of seven videos that provide an overview of teacher licensure in the Commonwealth, including how to obtain Provisional, Initial and Professional licenses and what the process is for out-of-state applicants.)

RETELL & SEI Endorsement Information

Accessing and Managing Your ELAR Account

Uploading Transcripts to your ELAR Account
Generally speaking, any document (employment verification, internship letter, course description, name change request form, official verification, etc.) whose scanned/copied image is legible when viewed by a licensure specialist, should be uploaded directly into your ELAR account. ELAR has very specific criteria for what is acceptable. Please refer to the DESE document, How to Upload Document to ELAR: A Step by Step Guide (December 2018). Below is information from Appendix B: What is Considered an Official Transcript (page 16) that may be helpful.
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"When reviewing a transcript to verify that it is official a licensure evaluator must be able to see the
Registrar’s signature. This holds true for paper copies of transcripts that are: uploaded by the college/university, applicant, or school district into ELAR; mailed to a recipient in a sealed envelope; or faxed to the Department. This also holds true for electronic transcripts that are emailed to a recipient and uploaded into ELAR. A paper transcript that is put into an electronic format and uploaded into ELAR would not be considered as an electronic transcript. Electronic transcripts are transcripts that are electronically delivered (often by a “third party” such as eScrip-Safe, National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment, etc.) to the email address of a designated recipient. Electronic transcripts may or may not include the Registrar’s signature but may still be deemed “official” by the provider of the electronic transcript. However, for the purpose of licensure, electronic transcripts that lack a Registrar’s signature, are not considered official transcripts unless the Department has received the transcript directly from that third party vendor."

Name Change Form

Step 1:  If your name has changed and you need to update your ELAR profile and license, please complete and submit the  along with proof of name change (copy of marriage certificate, social security card, driver's license, etc.), and submit these documents to the Office of Educator Licensure via the methods stipulated on the form.

Step 2:  Notify Stacey Gottfried of the change so that our records can be updated. Please note that your name on your DESE License is the name MPS will reference in Aspen.

Step 3:  Notify Bonnie Benvisutto in the Business Office of your name change.

Verification of School Based Employment/Induction and Mentoring Form 

1.  Please use the link above to print the Induction and Mentoring Form
2.  Once completed, send to Central Office, attn: Stacey
3.  The form will be signed and returned to you
4.  Upload the form to your ELAR Account

It is strongly recommended that when communicating with the Licensure Evaluator over the phone, you should carefully document the details of the conversation (date, name of Licensure Evaluator you are speaking with, details of the conversation, etc.) in case you need to refer back at a later date. 

Notebook.pngIndividual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Information

Educators are required to develop Individual Professional Development Plans that are consistent with the educational needs of the school and/or district and enhance their ability to improve student learning.

The following resources are provided to educators to assist in the development or review of an Individual Professional Development Plan:

1. District Improvement Plan or relevant School Improvement Plan (MHS, QMS, JJ, Robinson, Roland Green).

2. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Recertification Guidelines for Massachusetts Educators.

For more information, please refer to Guidelines for Reviewing, Approving, and Endorsing Individual Professional Development Plans.

Sample IPDP Templates & Resources:        

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